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About King George County Virginia

King George County is home to 26,836 residents, according to 2019 U.S. Census Bureau data. The County is located in the upper Northern Neck region of Virginia, the northernmost of three peninsulas on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  The County’s location as part of the Fredericksburg region and between the Washington/Richmond metropolitan areas and the serenity of Virginia’s scenic Northern Neck offers a growing population a wealth of possibilities.  King George County is home to one of the world’s premier research and development centers, the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Dahlgren Division, one of the region’s largest employers. 

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average median household income was $87,321.00 in 2018 which is higher than the national average.  It comes as no surprise 93.5 % of persons over the age of 25 have a high school diploma or higher, and 34.6 % of persons age 25 or older have a bachelor’s degree or higher.  King George County has proven to be a place worth investing local businesses’ advertising dollars, and Sassafras Creations, A Publishing Company, offers two premier community magazines in which to do so, County Compass Magazine and Hopyard Voice magazine.

Why Advertise with County Compass Magazine?

County Compass Magazine is a high quality, visually appealing, all-color, community magazine distributed several times throughout the year by direct mail free of charge to every household and business in King George County, as well as at distribution sites located throughout the upper Northern Neck region and beyond.  The overall circulation numbers are at nearly 12,000 total.  County Compass Magazine is the must-have resource guide and lifestyle magazine of the upper Northern Neck region.  From feature articles on living, learning, growing, and connecting, County Compass informs individual consumers and connects the community.  It contains editorial that inspires, teaches, informs, and connects.  Community generated editorial is published whenever possible, so as to be a reliable source for readers.  In the past, contributors have included the King George County Administrator, King George Sheriff’s Office, King George Director of Economic Development and Tourism, King George County’s 300th Anniversary Planning Committee, President of the Dahlgren Heritage Foundation, Chef Chaz Kilby, and the Northern Neck Tourism Commission.

Advertising in County Compass Magazine will result in your brand and product receiving testimonial/word of mouth style marketing.  Our readership trusts our magazine and our motivation for publishing it, to better the community and its members.  We respect that relationship and choose to work with businesses that align with the motto of living, learning, growing, and connecting towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.  Businesses such as Mary Washington Urgent Care, Quality Built Homes, Bayside of King George, and InFirst FCU have advertised in County Compass Magazine.  County Compass Magazine has several product offerings for businesses to consider when advertising.

County Compass Magazine’s product offerings give advertisers multiple opportunities to get their product or service in the mind’s eye of the local consumer. County Compass Magazine contains five prime position advertisement positions.  Prime positions are designated as pages 2, 3, back cover, inside back cover, as well as left and right center pages.  By advertising your business in a prime position location, you’re guaranteeing readers will see your ad.  In additional to prime position advertisements, each issue of County Compass Magazine has a resource guide which allows for an additional opportunity of branded advertising.

Local consumers may flip directly to the LANDING Resource Guide to search for a business in a specific industry. The one-eighth page ad size of the LANDING resource guide advertisements allows enough branded space for businesses to include all the necessary logos and contact information for their business.  The LANDING Resource Guide is clearly organized by industry to make it easy for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for.  For example, if you’re interested in advertising your animal hospital, your ad in the LANDING Resource Guide may be found under the category “Pet Care”.  If you would like to share more than contact information and would also like to help consumers to understand why they should choose your business when considering a product or service, you may be interested in the advertorial options County Compass Magazine offers.

For businesses who are interested in sharing their expertise in a specific field, County Compass Magazine offers advertorial options.  An advertorial is a branded advertisement which also contains editorial on content specific to that business.  An advertorial is an excellent opportunity to explain how important a business’s specific service or product is to the consumer.  For example, if your business specializes in window replacement, you may want to include an advertorial which explains to consumers that the replacement of old windows will not only stop the need for further repairs, but will also save consumers money on their energy bills, as well as improve their home’s resale value.  By advertising in County Compass Magazine, your business will also be listed in the Business Directory.

Every issue of County Compass Magazine includes a Business Directory.  The Business Directory includes the name, address, phone number, website/social media/email, and ad location of all the advertising businesses within that issue of the magazine.  If a reader realizes they are in need of your business’s services after reading the magazine, they do not need to thumb through the entire magazine in order to find your information.  They can simply turn to the Business Directory and call your company directly to confirm an appointment or purchase.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

In addition to advertising opportunities within print publications, Sassafras Creations, A Publishing Company, will also help market your business on social media.  King George County is a community of doers and the large majority of the population are taking advantage of the opportunities social media offers them to be informed consumers.  When you advertise your business in County Compass Magazine, your business may receive a social media shoutout on Facebook.  These boosted social media posts have the potential to reach tens of thousands of local consumers, local consumers who are going to think of your business when they think of a specific industry they’re in need of because of the repeated use of your advertisements in Sassafras Creations’ community magazines.

Get Your Business in Front of the Active Market

Now you can see there is an active market in King George County where the average household income is higher than the national average, and you can see there are high quality publications, such as County Compass Magazine, Hopyard Voice community magazine, Hopyard Voice Annual Calendar, and Welcome to the Neighborhood, a Special Edition of Hopyard Voice, in which to advertise in.  If you’re already advertising your business in these publications, you’ve taken the necessary steps that are critical to getting your business in front of this active market.  If you haven’t begun advertising your business, you should be aware your customer acquisition numbers could be much higher than they currently are.  Michael Parrish Dudell, author of Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business, says, “Marketing isn’t just a department or campaign; it’s a fundamental limb of every business, no matter the size or industry.” You should not simply run an ad during peak months of operation, you need to be continually reminding consumers of your product or service the whole year through so that they think of your business when they think of a specific industry.  For example, Darryl Davis, author of the book How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate, says, “The key to success is repetition.  If you are going to start doing some kind of self-promotion, you’ve got to stick with it. You need to be consistent and persistent to make it work.  Remember that your goal is to be first agent to come to mind when people in your service area think of real estate in any way.”

Marketing and advertising are critical to the success of your business.  Extraordinarily successful sales expert and New York Time’s Bestselling Author of If You’re Not First, You’re Last, Grant Cardone says, “Obscurity is the single biggest killer to a business or entrepreneur.”  We’ve all heard the common expressions, “I’m burning the midnight oil,” The early bird catches the worm,” and “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” but if consumers don’t know your business exists, how will they ever know to call you when they’re in need of your service or product?  You can burn that oil until sunrise, but wouldn’t you like to see the fruits of your labor?  By advertising in King George County, you’re bringing your business out of obscurity and making a name for yourself in your industry in a place where business is certainly thriving.

Nicholas Boothman, author of the book Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less, says, “Link your product or service to the good of the community.”  Sure, by advertising your product or service, you’re likely to acquire customers and build your business as you had hoped, but wouldn’t it be even better if by building your business you were also supporting the good of the community?  One sure fire way to do this is to offer promotions which community members can take advantage of in order to save on your product or service.  Any opportunity you have to offer an advantage to the community in which you live or work, you should put forth the extra effort to let those community members know you value their business.  By offering savings, you’re saying, “We care,” “We want to see you succeed as well!”

By creating that reciprocal relationship, you’re cementing a bond in which everyone in the community is supported, encouraged, and cared for.  When economic hardships occur, which they inevitably will, strong communities where both businesses and consumers feel supported will not only survive but thrive. During these times, it is also important to be advertising your product or service so that consumers can see you’re not only still in business, but that you haven’t forgotten them because you continue to offer promotions to support them.  In return for your great customer service, consumers may also be willing to offer you testimonial to include in your advertising.  This testimonial will show the public your business is a business worth working with and they may be more likely to take a chance on your business if they haven’t seen your name before.

We Want Your Business to Grow

Sassafras Creations, A Publishing Company, offers a variety of ad sizes in each community magazine in order to suit your business’s budget needs.  Perhaps your business is a start-up and you’re not sure where you should begin.  Simply pick up the phone and give us a call or email us with your questions.  We’d love to help get your business in the front of King George County readers. If your business is a charitable, non-for profit organization, we’d love to hear from you too.  We take pride in offering marketing opportunities in order to support those in need in our community.

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Sassafras Creations, A Publishing Company, offers custom ad design at no additional costs to advertising businesses.  Once the ad proof is approved, the custom ad is yours to keep.  If you’d like to submit camera ready ad copy, we prefer all ads to come to us electronically as PDF file, 300 dpi for color art, 1200 dpi for bitmap art, 150 lines per inch, and CMYK color to exact ad size.  Please either see our media kit for ad dimensions or email us for a detailed graphic with specific ad dimensions.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, getting your business in front of King George County readers, and supporting the community in every way we can!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute to the magazine?

Contact us so we can discuss how you may be able to contribute with community news, local events, or advertising. We want to hear from you!

Where can I go to get a copy of the magazine if I do not live in the immediate direct mail distribution area?

You can view a digital copy of our magazines on our website, contact us for a list of local distribution sites where you can pick up a hard copy of the magazine, or contact us to have a hard copy of the magazine direct mailed to you.

What is the quality of the magazine like?

We use heavy, high quality paper, all-color, professional printing, and include interesting, informative editorial written by trusted, authentic community experts.

Is advertising complicated?

Advertising is as simple as 1,2,3 :

  1. Contact us to reserve ad space
  2. Submit camera ready ad copy OR let us design an ad for you
  3. Receive your invoice OR Approve your custom design ad proof and receive your invoice
Is advertising expensive?

Advertising is a step towards customer acquisition which helps your business build revenue; it’s too expensive not to advertise!

How can I save money on advertising?

You can save 10% when you commit to advertising in all three issues of the magazine!

How long does the advertising process take?

We can reserve your ad space and accept or design your ad copy same day. Then all you need to do is answer the phone when customers call you!

What if I’ve tried advertising before and it didn’t work?

Studies show consumers need to see an ad nine times before they think of your business for a specific industry.  Stay committed to your clientele and they’ll see your business is ready to meet their needs!

Why should I advertise in King George County?

King George County is one of the fastest growing counties in Virginia with an average household income well over the national average.

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