In Virginia, every ten years, pursuant to the Code of Virginia, governing bodies must provide for reapportionment of representation among each district based on population.  The data that drives reapportionment is derived from the U.S. Census.  Although the 2020 U.S. Census was delayed due to the pandemic, the Census Bureau has indicated it will have data deliverable to states no later than September 30, 2021. In King George County, we have four election districts: Shiloh Dahlgren James Monroe James Madison   Each district has geographic boundaries based on census block data, and must have “equalized” representation within 10 percent, in other words, +/- 5%.  Your assigned district affects where you vote, and for whom you can vote in Board of Supervisors and School Board elections.  Between Census counts, people move in and out of communities, affecting the number of people living in each census block.  The goal of redistricting is to ensure that each census block has equal representation in our local, state, and Federal government.   Let’s suppose our County has a total population of 28,000 people.  We currently have four districts.  Each of our four districts should have about 7,000 citizens.  In the last ten years, the population in one district has increased more than any other.  Hint:  the largest residential development in King George in the past decade is Hopyard Farms, located in the James Madison District.  So, it follows that the number of residents in that district might have increased disproportionately since the last Census in 2011, compared to other districts.  To maintain equal representation, some residents of the James Madison District, if not others, will likely be reassigned (“redistricted”), to adjoining districts so that equal representation is maintained, not just in our community, but also in our Virginia General Assembly.   Based on our hypothetical 7,000 district population number, each of our four districts should have at least 6,650 citizens, (-5%), but not more than 7,350 citizens, (+5%), to achieve “equalization.”  This is important to achieve the following required goals:

  1. Redistricting line changes must follow census blocks;
  2. Districts must be contiguous and compact;
  3. Districts must be as equal as possible and may not deviate by 10%;
  4. Districts may not be drawn to discriminate based on race.

Currently, the Commonwealth of Virginia is working on its redistricting plan for General Assembly representation.  Here is a link to the Virginia Redistricting Commission:  Once we receive the state plan, we will draft our redistricting plan and present it to our citizens.  We have our own redistricting page on the King George County website: At least one public hearing will be held before adoption by the Board of Supervisors.  Our plan will then be forwarded to the U.S. Department of Justice for approval.  As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and your At Large Supervisor, I serve on our County’s Redistricting Committee.  Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.